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COWS-Container On Wheels® Mobile Storage

COWS-Container On Wheels® is an affordable portable mobile storage container solution that we offer. A COWS portable mobile storage container offers the convenience and flexibility of having storage right at your home or business. COWS are perfect for storing, moving, home staging, de-cluttering, remodeling and any time you just needs some extra space to put stuff. You can store it at your place or once loaded we can pick it up and store it at our location for you. COWS are great for homeowners, apartment residents, companies and organizations and many others.

Why Rent a COW?

  • Affordable: You pay only for the time you use. We offer daily, weekly and monthly rates so you aren't tied into a rental term that doesn't meet your needs.
  • Guaranteed Lowest Price: We guarantee to beat our competitors' prices. How can we do that? It's because of our pricing model. Our flexible pricing and no hidden fees means that we can always offer the best price.
  • We Can Go Where Our Competitors Can't: Our unique and simple delivery trailer allows us the ability to access areas that many of our competitors large trucks cannot. Even if we cannot get to the exact area you want, the COWS portable mobile storage container are on wheels so we can usually roll them into place, getting them positioned exactly where you need them.
  • Flexible: Rent a COW by the day, week or month.
  • Convenient: Your COWS portable mobile storage container can remain at your home for easy access to your belongings whenever needed or we can store your COWS portable mobile storage container at our warehouse for you.
  • Just the Right Size: With our two size options you can get a storage container that meets your needs. COWS portable mobile storage container are designed to fit in a parking space so they are apartment and condo friendly. The units are on wheels, therefore they do not sit in standing water when it rains, keeping things nice a dry.
  • Safe & Secure: Each COWS portable mobile storage container is well constructed, weather and watertight. Each container has a steel lock bar and handle. We encourage you to lock the COWS container with your lock so your belongings will be extra protected.
  • Ease of Use: COWS portable mobile storage container are designed with the customer in mind. They have swing out doors. These doors fold to the outside of the unit, eliminating any obstructions when loading. The units are built out of steel. Each unit has a translucent roof. These specially designed roofs reduce internal temperature and allows in natural light. This natural light allows you to see within the container when loading and unloading. Most importantly, the COWS container gently rolls on and off our trailers to protect your belongings and prevent damage to your property. During the loading and unloading process the COWS portable mobile storage container never loses contact with ground.

To find out more about our Mobile storage and what we offer please visit: www.COWsofSalinas.com.